Registration and fees

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Early bird (until July 17) Regular price
Non-members € 340 € 390
Members of GI and UPA € 240 € 290
Academics € 270 € 320
Students € 50 € 70
Students (members of GI and UPA) € 30 € 50
Day Ticket € 120
Day Ticket Students € 25


  • Early bird prices are valid for a registration up to the 17/07/2011.
  • The reduced registration fee applies for students without a steady job, with only marginal employment or comparable low scholarship.


Each participant receives the entire proceedings on a CD-ROM at the beginning of the conference. Additionally, the proceedings can be ordered as printed version per print-on-demand.

Social event

The social event is an integral part of the congress and thus can not be canceled when registering for the conference. It is listed separately on the bill for tax purposes. For students the attendance of the social event is not included in the conference fees, but can be purchased at a price of 45 € when registering.

Additional tickets for the social event are available at registration at a price of € 45.

Participation and payment terms

Registration for participation is mandatory. If you cancel your registration up to 30 days before the conference, 80 percent of the fees will be refunded. In any other case your financial obligations remain in their intirety.

In case of exception, you can assign a person who participates in the conference in your place. If you want to make use of this option, you must notify us by letter or e-mail.

The registration fee becomes due immediately and must be paid within 14 days after being registered online, but not later than 7 days before the beginning of the conference. For early bird prices the receipt of payment has to be within 14 days after the end of the early bird period. A claim for participation exists only upon receipt of the full fee.

Changes in the conference program are reserved.

In case of cancellation of the conference your payments will be refunded. There are no other obligations of the organizer to the participant. The applications, however, remain valid if the conference has to be postponed.

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