Types of contributions and instructions for authors

*** POSTPONED DEADLINE *** APRIL 3rd, 2011 *** POSTPONED DEADLINE *** APRIL 3rd, 2011 *** POSTPONED DEADLINE *** APRIL 3rd, 2011 ***

The conference will take place at the Chemnitz Technical University in Chemnitz, Germany from September 11th to 14th 2011.


  • March 30th April 3rd 2011: Deadline for submitting long papers, short papers, vision papers, exhibitions, and workshops.
  • End of May 2011: Author notification
  • June 12th 2011: Camera ready copy must be received
  • June 12th 2011: Workshop paper submission deadline / deadline for submitting tutorials
  • July 1st 2011: Notifications for workshop papers / tutorials
  • September 11th to 14th 2011: Conference


Contributions must be submitted as files using the conference management tool: Log on to your existing account or register as a new user. Each contribution is submitted by only one of the authors (preferably the first). The reviews of the contributions will be made available through the conference management system as well. Please use the same account to register for attending the conference.
There are several different types of contributions, which have different requirements concerning scope and length. It is mandatory that at least one of the authors participates at the conference and presents the contribution. As usual, registration fees apply to authors like to all other participants.
Contributions can be submitted and presented in German or English. Types of contributions are:

Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings or in the accompanying poster and workshop volume. Please make sure to follow the authoring guidelines.

Types of Contributions

A conference with such a rich spectrum as the “Mensch und Computer” lives of many different contributions. In order to stimulate a lively and interdisciplinary exchange, the following types of contributions are planned:

Long papers (full papers)

These may be both research and practice reports. The written submissions must have a total of eight to ten pages including illustrations. Contributions will be submitted anonymously and reviewed double blind. All accepted papers will take part in a competition for the best paper award.

Short papers (posters)

In this category research or practical work will be submitted. On at maximum four pages short papers focus on innovative concepts or techniques which still might be work in progress. The results need not to be fully implemented and tested, but should provide a significant contribution to the current state of research and practice. Contributions will be submitted anonymously and reviewed double blind. At the conference short papers will be presented in a poster session and may be discussed during the poster exhibition.

Visions beyond Tomorrow

We would like invite you to take a wide view into the future: How do we live with media in 20, 50 or 100 years? This section is not about realized systems. In fact it is not even about nowadays realizable systems. Dare to look into the future: Free of any technical restrictions – except of course the author guidelines.
Feel free to submit:

  • Design studies in the form of pictures, sketches, animations, videos, graphics, children’s drawings, accompanied by explanatory text, or speaking on its own.
  • Texts as explanatory notes, statements, descriptions, statistics, stories – philosophical, scientific, literary, why not a poem?

This section is an experiment. A publication of the results is planned. The form of publication depends heavily on the submissions. The author guidelines do not apply here. You are completely free concerning the layout of textual submissions. Pictorial submissions should be of printable quality (300 dpi).


Within an exhibition, you have the possibility to demonstrate working operative interactive systems as well as creative or artistic work. Here you will present solutions and give the audience a chance to try them and discuss. In the course of special sessions, you can enlighten the background of your work, either summarizing in short or in detail in long talks. We are looking for:

  • Creatively innovative examples of digital media and interactive systems, interactive, multimedia or artistic work. Accepted papers will participate in the competition for the M & C Design Award.
  • Systems or demonstrators as innovative interactive examples. The solutions are not in commercial use. Software should be available, if possible via the Web. Accepted papers will participate in the competition for the M & C practice price.

Besides the exhibition, you have the opportunity to present your work similar to the long papers and short papers in detail or brief. You are invited to submit:

  • Long papers (accompanying an exhibition): you have the option of submitting a detailed and scientifically sound solution with a total of eight to ten pages to describe. The selection criteria for this contribution meet the criteria for the long papers (see above). Accepted papers will participate in the best paper award, and will also be published in the conference proceedings.
  • Short papers (accompanying an exhibition): You prefer to present your work without a detailed scientific report? Describe your system or design work concisely in two to four pages. The short papers will be presented alongside the exhibition at the poster session and published in the poster and workshop volume.

The contributions are to be formatted in accordance with the guidelines for authors and to be submitted anonymously.


Semi- or full-day workshops provide an open forum for short presentations, discussions, and working together. You are cordially invited to organize such a workshop. The organization of contributions to a workshop lies with the organizers of a workshop. Contributions will be published in consultation with the workshop organizers in their own workshop volume. If you want to organize a workshop please submit a proposal including:

  • Title
  • Brief description of the topic, content and purpose (two pages)
  • Information about the organization and implementation
  • Target group and any maximum number of participants

The contributions of the workshops can be published in consultation with the organizers of the poster and workshop volume.


Before the actual meeting takes place on Sunday, 11/09/2011, a tutorial day precedes. Proposals for half and full day tutorials are not to be made anonymous and include:

  • Title
  • Brief description of contents and didactic concept (maximum two pages)
  • Information about the organizer(s)
  • Target group and maximum number of participants

Contributions may be introductory or in depth. Please use the template under the guidelines for authors.

Authoring guidelines

The proceedings of the “Mensch & Computer 2011” will be published as open access by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag. A printed version can be obtained on demand.
Please submit your contributions for reviewing as a PDF document. The review process is double blind. In case of acceptance we need the camera ready copy version in Word (version 2000) and PDF. Please refer to instructions for authors and guidelines for making figures. Other formats cannot be accepted.
To facilitate the preparation of papers we provide a document template. It applies to all types of contributions (except vision papers). If you use figures, please note the author guidelines for pictures and illustrations:

  • Author guidelines (template MS WORD and MS Word 97-2003 )
  • Author Guidelines ( PDF )
  • Notes on Figures ( PDF )

Contributions may be submitted and presented in German or English.

Contests and prizes

The following prizes will be awarded during the social event:

  • M & C Research Award for the best contribution in the categories long papers and exhibition accompanying long papers (best paper award)
  • Prices of the Usability Evaluation Challenge of the Division Software Ergonomics
  • M & C Design Award
  • M & C Practice Award

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