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Conference Venue: Chemnitz

The conference venue is Chemnitz, an 800 years old city situated in the heart of the state Saxony close to the beautiful mountains of the Erzgebirge and the borders to Poland and the Czech Republic. About 250.000 people live here. More than 10.000 young people study at the University of Technology Chemnitz. Chemnitz has a rich history with many ups and downs. Read more about Chemnitz at its official English Homepage, French Homepage, Spanish Homepage, or Czech Homepage. Further information is provided by the CMT – City-Management and Tourismus Chemnitz GmbH.

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The German Wikipedia provides a very exhaustive article about Chemnitz with many pictures. The translated versions of this article are mostly rather short:

Travel Information

You can travel to Chemnitz by plane, train and car. Travel information for Train and plane are given in the following. If you plan to use your car, please refer to the map above.


Chemnitz itself has no airport but within an hour’s reach by train lay Leipzig Halle Airport (90 km) and Dresden International Airport (80 km) with many national and international destinations. Within about three hours you can reach the Berlin and Frankfurt Airports which serve as international hubs. Please have a look at the English Web pages of these Airports:


Chemnitz is connected by Regional Expresses to the cities Leipzig (1 hour), Dresden (1 hour) and Nürnberg (2 hours), from where you can travel by the high speed train ICE to many further locations in Germany and abroad. Please have a look at the English Web site of the German railway DB BAHN.

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